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Yi Jie shared massage chair

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Starting from shared bicycles, with the emergence of sharing economic methods such as shared cars, shared umbrellas, and shared charging treasures, the sharing economy, while enriching and facilitating people's lives, is still developing rapidly. In the wind of the sharing economy, do you notice the neatly arranged shared massage chairs when you walk to the cinemas, shopping malls, airports, train stations?


The price of a massage chair generally ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan. The meaning of the sharing economy lies in product sharing, so that every consumer can enjoy the greatest fun with the lowest consumption expenditure. Consumers can use it by scanning QR codes or cash payment, and divide different consumption packages according to the duration, such as 8 yuan and 10 minutes, 10 yuan and 15 minutes, and 20 yuan and half an hour.

The significance of shared massage chairs in places where there is a lot of people is also able to use people's fragmentation time to achieve the purpose of reducing physical fatigue.

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