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Warmly congratulate "Snowfit" massage chair won the 2022 Boiling Quality Award--Comfort Massage Chair Benchmark Award!

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Spring is in full bloom and everything is recovering. Full of vitality and vigor in March, standing in the doorway of spring in 2023, on the occasion of 3-15 International Consumer Rights Day, the 2nd China Home Furnishing Quality Conference was successfully held in Foshan, Guangdong Province on March 13th, in the name of quality and market, and with the theme of "New Quality, New Market", which is a high-specification event in China's home furnishing industry. China Home Quality Conference" was successfully held on March 13th in Foshan, Guangdong Province!


More than 500 people from home-related national industry associations/producing regions industry associations, standards/quality inspection/certification organizations, home brand enterprises, home/home furnishing upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises/platforms, collection platforms/e-commerce platforms/mainstream media/new media, etc. gathered in Foshan, China's important manufacturing base and home furnishing capital, to write a new chapter on home furnishing quality and market.


After 12+ authoritative testing/certification organizations, 130+ household brands, more than 400 products professional evaluation, Snowfit Deluxe 4D multifunctional massage chair stood out, won the 2022 Boiling Quality Award - Comfort Massage Chair Benchmarking Award, solid product strength to win the authoritative testimony and professional recognition, and set up a quality benchmark.


Speak with the product, witness with the quality. Snowfit luxury 4D multifunctional massage chair with hardcore quality and excellent performance won the 2022 annual Feiteng Quality Award - Comfort Massage Chair, Benchmark Award, is a heavyweight award issued in the evaluation, representing the category's current quality wind vane. With high standards of real testing data to strictly control the evaluation activities, the strength of the casting honor extraordinary.


Behind the good results, is Snowfit's firm pursuit of product quality, from product design, selection of raw materials, production processes and then to the quality inspection, each process is strictly control the quality of the customs, and constantly breakthroughs in innovative technology, and strive for product comfort, strict control of quality standards, so that Snowfit products have a strong market competitiveness.


Snowfit massage chair, more than a decade of strict adherence to the bottom line of quality, adhere to the fine work, the formation of differentiated advantages, to win the market reputation and sales double harvest, in the future journey, Snowfit will continue to shoulder the burden of the industry benchmark, and the consumption of the new era of frequency resonance, and always thought of the precise massage into the hundreds of millions of families, building physical and mental health as the mission.

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