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Massage chair to help you sleep without worry

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Insomnia is commonplace in today's fast-paced life, but insomnia does plague countless people, and some people watch the dawn from the dark night, and sit from midnight to dawn. Insomnia often brings them great pain and psychological burden, and even damages the body due to the abuse of insomnia drugs. And now the appearance of Yijie massage chair may be able to improve your sleep quality.


There are many reasons for insomnia: First, psychological factors. Trouble, stress, excitement, and tension in work and life can all be the culprits of insomnia. The second is physiological factors. Insomnia due to physical discomfort, such as arthritis, cervical spondylosis, migraine, etc. The third is the drug factor. Treatment of insomnia drug dependence and drug abuse can cause insomnia. The fourth is bad habits. At present, most young people suffer from insomnia for this reason. Their dependence on mobile phones and computers and the abundance of nightlife have caused their circadian clocks to be disordered, and their physical functions have changed over time, leading to insomnia.


Yijie is the first enterprise in the Chinese massage appliance industry dedicated to medical academic research. In order to solve the sleep problems of insomniacs, Yijie combined with the medical university scientific research team conducted in-depth research on the subject The sleeping conditions of patients with morbidity have indeed greatly improved.

Volunteers who participated in the research of the subject had significantly improved various physiological indicators such as sleep quality and irritability and anxiety after using the Yijie massage chair for 1 month, which provided an effective aid for the medical treatment of insomnia Intervention measures have made Yijie massage chairs into thousands of households and brought a good news to consumers.

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